Access Integrity SDK

Access Integrity SDK

Analyze Medical Records Prior to Submission

Access Integrity reduces claim denials and audit damage while improving cash flow and increasing staff productivity.

An astonishing 30% of medical claims are rejected on first submission. The more claims are rejected, the more likely an organization will be targeted for an audit. Access Integrity reduces claim denials and reviews and increases cash flow and staff productivity.

Now is your opportunity to help solve this problem for your customers.

With the Access Integrity SDK in your pipeline, you can improve the workflow of anyone who does medical coding in your organization or in those you serve.

Access Integrity takes an innovative approach to medical record analysis by combining four major functions:

  • Code integrity rules for ICD-10, CPT®,  and HCPCS
  • Enriched content mapping solution
  • Machine Aided Indexing
  • Natural language processing

Comparing these key data sets provides a detailed evaluation of each record, including:

  • All salient patient information
  • Key medical facts & taxonomy
  • Procedure notes
  • Claim Submission Form

This produces a highly accurate medical claim that has been thoroughly reviewed prior to submission, resulting in a significant reduction in claim denial and review and increased cash flow and staff productivity. Access Integrity allows health care organizations to focus on providing high-quality healthcare services to their patients.

Access Integrity SDK is available to organizations as a yearly license plus a per-call fee. This allows full access to our APIs plus the ability to develop around them.

What You Get

  • A complete library of APIs for your team to develop around
  • Real-time updates for all code & datasets: CPT®, HCPCS & ICD, LCD/NCD, MUE, RVU, NCCI
  • Cloud storage & access to all medical transactions
  • Unlimited transaction

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