Access Integrity Medical Transaction Analysis

Medical Claims Compliance®

Comprehensive Analysis of Medical Claims

Sample Medical Record Analysis

Sign in to our compliant server to begin the analysis of your medical records using Medical Claims Compliance.

Select a medical record format or copy and paste your medical notes to begin your analysis.

Select by encounter date, specialty or provider.

Select single or multiple records to be analyzed.

Your medical notes are analyzed, diagnosis (ICD-9) suggestions are presented and key medical concepts are highlighted.

Medical Claims Compliance allows you to select procedure and diagnostic codes while reviewing the highlighted medical notes...... all simultaneously and prior to completing your claim.

Allows direct access to ICD-9 and CPT® codes for additional selections.

Selected ICD-9 codes will then generate CPT suggestions.

Medical Claims Compliance generates an analysis of suggested and selected diagnosis and procedures by date, provider, specialty or specific diagnosis. This feature gives healthcare administrators the ability to monitor and review provider activity allowing healthcare organizations to focus on providing high quality healthcare services to their patients.