Access Integrity®

Access Integrity SDK is available to organizations as a yearly license plus a per-call fee. This allows full access to our APIs plus the ability to develop around them.

What You Get

  • Real-time updates for all code & datasets: CPT®, HCPCS & ICD, LCD/NCD, MUE, RVU, NCCI
  • Cloud storage & access to all medical transactions
  • Unlimited claims transaction
  • Multiple user access per subscription account
  • Ability to export claim reports to spreadsheet


  • Reduces risk of compliance audits
  • Expedites claims submission and allows real-time review of results
  • Accelerate cash flow by getting more claims paid on first submission
  • Improves coder productivity
  • Reduces provider/payer/auditor medical record review
  • Cuts overhead costs associated with claims rework and resubmission


Access Integrity SDK Pricing Model

Low annual fee + a per transaction charge

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