Medical Claims Compliance®

Comprehensive Analysis of Medical Transactions

Medical Claims Compliance, utilizing the ICD Tagger technology, is a patented, rule-based, natural language application. Our solution can be accessed via a secure, web-based interface guaranteeing user access to the most current information available. Our technology uses machine aided indexing along with rule based natural language recognition. Medical Claims Compliance provides detailed evaluation of medical claims by analyzing all salient patient information, key medical facts, and procedure reporting prior to final claim submission.

What You Get


  • Real-time updates for all code & datasets: CPT®, HCPCS & ICD, LCD/NCD, MUE, RVU, NCCI
  • Cloud storage & access to all medical transactions
  • Unlimited claims transaction
  • 100% web-based with 24/7 access
  • Multiple user access per subscription account
  • Ability to export claim reports to spreadsheet



  • Reduces risk of compliance audits
  • Expedites claims submission and allows real-time review of results
  • Accelerate cash flow by getting more claims paid on first submission
  • Improves coder productivity
  • Reduces provider/payer/auditor medical record review
  • Cuts overhead costs associated with claims rework and resubmission

New Technologies


  • ICD Tagger: effectively extracts diagnoses and provides highly relevant coding suggestions
  • CPT® Tagger: searches and analyzes physicians' notes to retrieve accurate procedure codes
  • HCPCS Tagger: identifies the appropriate codes for products, supplies, and services used during the patient encounter
  • Subscription Plans Now Available