Access Integrity Announces Beta Release of ICD-10 Tagger Technology™

Access Integrity and Find-A-Code Unveil New Code Book View Feature‏

New Feature Unveiled in Code-A-Note

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (May 19, 2014) – Access Integrity and Find-A-Code unveiled a new feature in their joint product, Code-A-Note, this week. In the new Code Book View feature, a user can click on a suggested term and a pop-up window appears, displaying that code’s location in the tabular list of diseases.

“It’s all about gaining efficiency without sacrificing accuracy,” said John Kuranz, CEO of Access Integrity. “If we’re helping coders find precisely the right code in the same – or smaller – amount of time, we’ve achieved victory. We just want to help providers process their claims faster with fewer rejections and denials.”

Anyone interested in seeing the Code-A-Note system in action should contact Find-A-Code at or 801-770-4203.


About Access Integrity –,, Access Integrity provides a patented technology for complete and compliant EMR analysis. Access Integrity plays an important role in medical transaction processing by extracting rule based relevant data (concept extractor) from medical records, increasing coding accuracy, clinical decision support, and overall understanding of a patient encounter. Access Integrity is the first company to employ Data Harmony’s semantic enrichment and rule-based concept extraction technology in the healthcare industry. The award-winning and world-renowned Data Harmony software suite has been used in the content management and information technology industries for more than 15 years.

About Find-A-Code, LLC, Find-A-Code, LLC is dedicated to providing the most complete medical coding and billing resource library available anywhere. Find-A-Code's online libraries include extensive information for all major code sets (ICD-9, CPT®, HCPCS, DRG, APC, NDC, ICD-10 and more) along with a wealth of supplemental information such as newsletters and manuals (AHA Coding Clinic®, AMA CPT Assistant, DH Newsletters, Medicare Manuals). All code information and newsletter databases are indexed, searchable and organized for quick access and extensively cross-referenced. Find-A-Code also provides tools for code set translation (such as ICD-9 to ICD-10), code validation (edits) and claim scrubbing.