Access Integrity Announces Beta Release of ICD-10 Tagger Technology™

Access Integrity Announces Beta Release of ICD-10 Tagger Technology™

Available March 31st in the Medical Claims Compliance®, Code-A-Note™, IntegraCoder™ and Allscripts Suite of EHR Solutions

Albuquerque, NM (March 10, 2014) Access Integrity's ICD-10 Tagger Technology is the "engine under the hood" of several EMR/practice management offerings, including Medical Claims ComplianceIntegraCoder, and Code-A-Note as well as AllScripts ProfessionalTouch Works and Sunrise EHR Solutions.  The application analyzes electronic medical records to suggest highly relevant diagnostic and procedural codes for human review, in order to significantly increase coder productivity and reduce claim rejection and rework.

"Unlike most other outdated, natural language processing (NLP) applications, our ICD Tagger technology employs a proven, rule-based engine created by taxonomists and medical linguistic experts, specifically for the indexing of electronic medical records," says Access Integrity CEO John Kuranz. Kuranz is pleased with the accuracy of the ICD-10 beta version, which will operate at the same relevancy level as the current ICD-9 release, he adds. "On March 31st we'll make the ICD-10 beta version available, free of charge, to all our subscribers and trial users."

Products using ICD Tagger Technology target medical providers and healthcare organizations who want to ensure that claims are correct and compliant, allowing for increased focus on providing high-quality, efficient patient care.

“ICD Tagger has the potential to transform the medical coding and billing landscapes,” say Access Integrity chief taxonomist Kathryn Brown. She points out that “the early release of ICD-10 in our partners’ product offerings will allow customers to dual-code EMRs in seconds to check accuracy, begin ICD-10 cross-training, and increase productivity as we get closer to the October 1st deadline for ICD-10 implementation.”

Anyone interested in signing up for a free trial can contact Kathryn Brown at