Access Integrity Announces Debut of ICD Tagger Technology

Access Integrity Announces Debut of ICD Tagger Technology

Albuquerque, NM (September 3, 2013) Medical billing and coding just got a whole lot easier and more efficient with the release of ICD Tagger by Albuquerque-based Access Integrity.

The patented, rule-based application searches and analyzes electronic medical records to suggest highly relevant International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes for human review.

Access Integrity CEO John Kuranz says he is impressed with the accuracy of the application. “Unlike most other natural language processing (NLP) coding applications, ICD Tagger employs a proven, rule-based engine created by taxonomists and medical linguistic experts specifically for the indexing of electronic medical records,” he says. “In Beta release samples, we’re very happy with the results, as are many of the doctors and coding experts currently using the application.”

ICD Tagger is the engine underneath the hood of several coding applications, including Medical Claims Compliance, IntegraCoder, and Code-A-Note by Find-A-Code.

“The ICD Tagger application has the potential to transform the medical coding and billing landscapes,” Access Integrity chief taxonomist Kathryn Brown says. “ICD Tagger is not an auto-coding solution. Rather, the application suggests highly relevant codes for human review. The application is designed to assist the human coder in arriving at the most accurate diagnoses codes.”

In other industries, the platform has increased productivity more than sixfold and has been benchmarked at 92 percent accuracy.

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