Access Integrity Medical Transaction Analysis

Medical Claims Compliance®

  New Technology Analyzes Medical Records

  • Search and analyze EMRs, procedure notes, and claim submission forms simultaneously

  • Web-based cloud provides storage of all medical transactions, real-time coding, and regulation updates

  • Improves transaction efficiency as part of the workflow prior to claim submission

  • Provides detailed evaluation of medical records by comparing ALL relevant patient information, procedures and key facts to assist in determining appropriate and accurate coding

  • Utilizing the patented ICD Tagger, CPT® Tagger, and HCPCS Tagger technologies to review all information

  • All-inclusive application provides consistent, uniform and auditable reporting plus error flagging and trend analysis

  Compliant Processing of Health Care Transactions


Access Integrity® uses a proven software suite for Medical Claims Compliance utilizing the ICD Tagger rule-based, natural-language automated indexing technology. These content tools have been used successfully for over 33 years by corporate, government, research and scholarly institutions. The six main operating components are:

  • ICD Tagger rules

  • Governance mapping

  • Validation and cross checking

  • Enriched content mapping

  • Machine Aided Indexing

  • Natural language processing